Makeup Brushes & Sets

Each and every Royal & Langnickel beauty brush is handmade with superior attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship available anywhere.

Silk Logo

SILK™ is our most popular and luxurious line, designed for the consummate professional. Utilizing the highest quality natural and synthetic hairs available anywhere, the SILK™ line delivers exceptional brushes with unmatched precision and a sleek design.

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Green Line Logo

SILK GreenLine™ was developed for our customers seeking eco-friendly brushes without sacrificing the luxurious feel and precision of natural professional brushes. These high-end brushes boast a special blend of synthetic filaments, along with 100% bamboo handles and chrome plated nickel ferrules. Packaged in a sustainable cork case, the GreenLine™ is unrivaled in quality and price.

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Master Pro Logo

MasterPro™ is a stand out among makeup artists. Most noted for its signature blue nickel ferrule and black barrel handle, these brushes incorporate a specialized blend of hair providing supreme durability and smooth finishes.

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Brush Essentials Logo

Designed to fit the needs of makeup artists and students, Brush Essentials™ is both functional and stylish, providing the perfect look every time. Choose from 18 individual brushes for the face, eyes and lips or select from a variety of Brush Essential™ sets.

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